“Her ability to instantly assess a situation and identify not only the key issues for to also respond with an effective action plan that lands the intended results has been invaluable to my business” – Emily Barnett, Director
“She sees the big picture, links business strategy to well articulated action plans, and rolls up her sleeves to work with a team to achieve success.” – Mark Richards, Partner
“Provides insightful leadership to both my external customers, and internally. She is an excellent driver of change within an organization bringing strong strategic planning, a pragmatic delivery and a focused energy.” – Paul Carter, Enterprise Architect / Strategy Consultant
“Colleen brings a fresh perspective to the table. She asks hard questions and expects honest answers. Her results speak for themselves.” – Diana Peters, Director
“Colleen meticulously and relentlessly works with her clients to create value for their organization.” – Jennifer Cummings, Senior Consultant
“Her critical thinking and passion for solving business problems drives positive change and significant benefits.” – Craig Johnson, Enterprise Strategy Consultant & Client
“Most effective at asking tough questions, develops innovative solutions and is recognized for her candour and integrity” – Lorraine Moore, Director
“Colleen is a dynamic, intelligent and talented professional who brings innovative thinking and strong commitment to every task she undertakes.” – Diana Drysdale, President
“Colleen is a very engaging speaker. She has the ability to get participants excited about the topic she is presenting on. She gives real life examples about her experiences in strategic planning while also being able to incorporate theory on the subject.” – Kim VanKosh, Strategic Planning Professional
“Colleen is vibrant, dynamic, influential and captivating.” – Hilary Johnston, Event Organizer
“We were honored to have Colleen come in and speak to our group. Colleen lead us, engaged us, and turned everything we thought we knew upside down. ‘Thought-provoking’ defines our time with Colleen and we’d welcome her back in a heartbeat.” – Kalynn Crump, Event Organizer
“She was swarmed like a rock star after her presentation and it was evident she had made a meaningful presentation.” – Angela Renwick, Organizational Behaviour Professional
“Colleen is a dynamic, intuitive, and results-driven facilitator, coach and presenter. Time with Colleen is always well spent and action-oriented” – Ellen Wright, Executive Director