Our client work:



  • 1. Engaged for strategic and cultural transformation. A quick assessment of an Engineering, Procurement and Construction company revealed the need for a strategic review   The company was not achieving its revenue or operational targets and this was being attributed to a lack of employee engagement and understanding of the strategy itself.  This review resulted in a strategic recommendation to the Board, with Management, for a complete restructure of the business.  The strategic review was conducted in two weeks, with the restructure being developed and delivered in a further eight weeks.  Measurements of the restructure included a 50% G&A reduction, restructuring of the company, and repositioning of the company strategy to stabilize share price.



  • 2. A utility company was in CEO transition.  For the incoming CEO, we worked side-by-side to immediately address urgent business issues.  While getting oriented to the business, the new CEO was dealing with a dealing with a financial deficit, a recent geographic emergency and known customer service issues.  In a strategic  advisor capacity, we worked with the CEO to develop a strategic plan with Board and Management to address all three areas.  Subsequent engagements included building out the business plans for implementation to ensure delivery and appropriate measurement, developing risk management policy and practices, and new strategic plan when Board completely turned over – providing continuity and support for the CEO.
  • 3. Provided post-merger integration advice to the VP of Operations, specific to the integration sales, marketing and cross-border teams for a Houston-owned, Calgary-based asset. Worked with senior leader on the acquiring (buy) side
  • 3A. Led multiple organizational re-designs and facilitated effective, top quartile change management for the Canadian Division of an international thermal and heavy oil and conventional gas firm.  Experience in major capital, facilities, production operations, engineering and field.



  • 4. For a billion dollar North American oil and gas company developed change management vision, strategy, objectives, and tactics, including: executive leadership alignment; coaching and mentoring; and key tools and resources. This ensured alignment to the corporate values and business outcomes while completing the integration in a timely manner. Worked closely with executive leadership teams on both (buy and sell) sides.
    • This plan integrated 450 employees with the 850 existing employees and is the most successful integration out of the 29 acquisitions the company has completed to date.
    • Measures of success included: no more than 10% field attrition, no more than 15% office attrition, no more than two people per area. All measures were successful.
    • Other measures and indicators for ensuring successful change management integration included: productivity, no unions initiated as a result of the transaction, no legal action initiated, no grievances filed, no lost customers, no lost key vendors, and no safety incidents as a result of the transaction/related to the new assets.